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With a beginning living room re-do budget of $15–nope, not kidding–I decided to start small.  Obviously.

I used multi-colored Sharpies to jot the goals I hope to accomplish in phase one and hung sample colors nearby for at-a-glance inspiration.  See that little glimpse of black?  Let’s zoom out a little…

It’s a chalkboard!  Actually, it’s a chalkboard-painted dry erase board.  You can see the original project here.  After a couple days the cork started to bubble–the sticker-like adhesive just wasn’t powerful enough to grip the textured fabric, I guess.

“No problemo,” I thought.  “I’ll just peel up the cork, douse the underside with spray adhesive, and stick it again.”  That part worked.  But, unbeknownst to me, some stray spray smattered the pristine surface of the dry erase board.  Oops.  I discovered my overspray problem the first time I went to erase a list.  The letters smudged a little but did not go away.  Nicole generously shared her chalkboard paint with me so I could remedy my little situation.

I haven’t bought chalk yet, but I did buy paint for the living room bookshelves.  It’s gloss red.  (Yeah, you heard me.)  I am so excited!

It’s very close to the color of Valspar’s Quite Red, my favorite from the paint chip display (pictured above).  I was planning to have some Quite Red mixed up for me, but then I saw that this similar color was on clearance–a gallon for $7.24.  For that price I thought I could probably overlook a slight variation in shade.  I mean it when I say slight–if Gloss Red had been too orange I would have kept a stiff upper lip and sprung for the more costly small can.  But serendipity seems to have been on my side, so there sits the big can of red paint, just waiting until I borrow a brush from someone who already said I could.  (I’m going to stretch this $15 as…far…as…I…can.  Just watch.)

Also new to my desk area are:

1.) this stack of books and magazines I’m hoping turn out to be chock-full of reproducible ideas

2.) this stack of frames unearthed from the last wall-o’-photos I hungI haven’t decided what color to paint the frames.  Their current black would be too stark, I think, but a tamer brown might be too boring.  I can’t decide if red frames above a red shelf would have a bold, fearless effect or just look redundant. Goodness knows I have enough paint for it, though.

As for what the frames will hold, we’ve agreed to pursue the earthy, botanical vibe by using sepia photographs.  This is another way to avoid repeating the chaos I felt emanating from the previous photo wall.  Including so many colors–in the frames and photos both–led to what we could kindly call an eclectic look.  But let’s not be kind; let’s just be honest: it amounted to visual madess.  No more!  Want to see some contenders for the revised edition?

I’ve grouped these (somewhat randomly) because if I added them one by one this post would stretch into next week.  Here’s the condensed gallery of potential printables:

So there you have it–the humble beginnings of my newest project.  Have you rolled up your sleeves and tackled a miniature project too?  Or have you given your options a more serious look?  That’s something.

I like the idea of continually doing just a bit of this and a smidge of that until suddenly I covered the ground I set out to cover.  By this time next year I bet I’ll have a lot to look back on.  Who’s with me?  (C’mon, your new-year optimism can’t have worn off yet, right?)

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  1. Diana Fahrenholtz

     /  February 28, 2012

    I love your collection of pictures – so varied and of my favorite people! Can’t wait to see the finished product.


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