something up my sleeve

Or maybe it’s more like something down my sleeve; I don’t know.  Linguists and semantic bickerers, what do you say?  While they fight it out, I’ll sum up: I’m wearing (part of) a sweater on the wrong half of my body.  Check it out!

Nicole suggested this the other night when we got together for a blog session which ended up turning into a Pinterest-browsing/YouTube video-watching marathon.  Best laid plans….  Oh, well.  We had fun!

I didn’t follow up on Nicole’s suggestion at the time, but today I decided I might as well try it instead of throwing away the remainder of the sweater that gave up its life to become this pillow cover.   First I cut off both sleeves from the sweater, which by that point was already nothing but two sleeves hanging from a collar.  Then I just pulled the cuffs toward my knees.

Then I wondered, “What if…?”  And I did this:

Two sleeves=two looks.  Fabulous!

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  1. yay! i love all your projects. so so awesome.



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