the takedown

Since I made you endure the unfun side of the Christmas decor takedown, let me treat you now to the much more fun side.  Goodbye, natural palette; hello, more crazy colors:

That corner where the tree stood for almost two months looked SO empty without its arboreal adornment.  (And sort of shadowy without its glimmering lights.)  It’s not the world’s best solution, but for now a full-length mirror stands there to fill space and bounce light.

On the opposite side of the room, the little seasonal shelf is still making a nod to winter.  See that bookend?  It’s a Gurgle Pot.  If you don’t know what that is, please find out.  They are entertaining!  I’ve really enjoyed mine since receiving it as a gift last year.

Finally, here’s another small color infusion in the entry area.  I’ve been using two purses lately–a small one when I’m being sensible and a large one when, doggone it, I just need my cosmetic/photographic/shoptastic arsenal at hand.  (Have you ever seen one of those blog posts where a gal reveals the contents of her purse?  But we need all that stuff!  Sometimes….)  Anyway, I tried to blend it into the decor.

The little terra cotta pot on top of the shelf replaces the cake stand we had been using as a key-drop & phone-charging station.  It works much better (the cords all run through the small drainage hole in the bottom of the pot–muy convenient!).  I need to repair a crack in the side of the pot and then, hopefully, cover it in some beguiling way.  Right now I lack the supplies and have some other priorities, but soon(ish) I may get there.

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