tucked away

I’ve laid to rest my holiday decorations…at last.  Sort of sad.  But also necessary.  Somehow (who knows how?) the closet totally rearranged itself over the Christmas season, so it wasn’t easy to put the decorations back where they came from.  Where did they come from, anyway?  There hardly seemed to be room for them anymore.  So guess what?  I cleaned and reorganized the closet!

One of two things must be true of me: a.) I am one of the lamest people alive and have no clue what the phrase “good time” even means. b.) I should be getting paid for this amazing skill.  Take your pick.

Anyway, I spent a whole Sunday afternoon doing this and I liked it.  Taking control of my stuff always makes me feel good.

Speaking of that…check back later for a bonus post all about my way too many pairs of shoes…and what I did about it.  Yowza!

P.S. Did you notice that the ugly shelf found a new home during this project?  It now proudly holds gloves, hats, socks, an iron, a box of teacups, a casserole carrying case, and potatoes.  Isn’t that the job all shelves want when they grow up?

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