I didn’t photograph the soup because…it’s soup.  It just doesn’t tend to look as appetizing as other foods, unless you can use a fancy camera to photograph it in bright daylight on a lovely dish.  That’s a lot of if. So let’s look at dessert instead. This is lime cake.

The recipe for this cake came from my humongous Bon Appetit Desserts cookbook, a compilation of sweetly tempting recipes I think it might take me a lifetime to try.  This one appealed to me although I don’t typically like fruity desserts.  I used 5 small limes instead of 4 large ones.

My carrot peeler stood in for the zester I’ve never seen fit to buy.  Usually I toss the rinds to my citrus, using only the juice, so a zester hasn’t seemed worth the drawer space it would require. I ran into an eensy problem when measuring the juice. I needed 6 tablespoons…but how does a girl squeeze juice from a lime into a tablespoon with a steady hand and without wasting any?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  So I took out two identical ramekins.  I measured 6 tablespoons of water into one.  Then I started squeezing lime juice into the other.  When the liquid levels looked equal(ish), I called it good and proceeded with the recipe.

The cake ended up quite kicky–real citrus packs a flavor punch that imitation flavors can’t rival.  Whew!  But after a tomato-based soup of black beans, green beans, sweet potato, cumin, and spicy red pepper flakes, well, fresh lime was just the thing.  Yee-um!

We also had the bread that came from this dough.  You can see more about how I make it in this post.

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