silky sweet

I promised to show you how we capped off that New Year’s Eve feast.  Let’s start at the very beginning:

That’s two large dark chocolate bars broken up in a pot with half a bag of marshmallows.  Mmm…but it gets better.

Then half a cup of milk, a little medium heat, some stirring, stirring, stirring, and…silky dark chocolate sauce.  It sits in the fridge to cool, then you stir some more (and more and more) to incorporate a tub of whipped topping.  All of it.  And you get so much glorious, dark, chocolaty filling that it almost mounds over the edge of its crust.

Chill it some more, then share it with friends.  If you scraped the pot clean and licked the spatula, they’ll never know…just pretend that you’ve been altruistic about this “I’ll bring dessert” thing all along.  They’ll be too blissed out to question it anyway.

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