a night in the town

No, I didn’t type that wrong and you didn’t read it wrong: I said in the town, not on the town.  Yesterday was Hubby’s & my third anniversary, and since we couldn’t swing a “real” vacation, we made do with a miniature getaway.  It consisted of:

1. Checking into a local hotel.

2. Watching “Big Bang Theory” on TV.  We were going to order a movie, but nothing good was on.  We considered going out to a movie, but staying in was kind of the point–plus who wants to try parking at the mall theater with only five shopping days left til Christmas?  Not us.  Hence “Big Bang….”

3. Eating a scrumptious dinner at the hotel restaurant.

risotto, asparagus, crab cakes

4. Visiting the hotel library in search of a book we still couldn’t find.  Oh, well; it was fun climbing the ladder like Belle.

5. Relaxing in the hot tub and freezing our little selves in the pool.  In that order.  (Then we got back in the hot tub!)

6. Chilling out in the room and reading.  I finished Provenance by Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo.  It described an art/art history con that offered the same sorts of characters, twists, and tangles as a fiction mystery, but it was all true.  Fascinating and chilling.

7. Talking about where we want to be by Year Ten in jobs, home, finances, family, and marriage.  There were some revelations and decisions made–a worthwhile discussion.

best hubby a girl could ask for!

8. Celebrating our little milestone and looking forward to many more!

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  1. Happy Belated Anniversary to you guys! That's fun you got to do something fun!

  1. evil genius [my husband] « wellcrafted

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