Yesterday my internet connection was still being ridiculous.  Today it’s behaving–so far–so let me catch you up to speed.  Hubby and I enjoyed a leisurely morning, getting up later than usual to feast on scrambled eggs, bacon, and homemade bread.  Then I decided to spend the rest of the morning in the kitchen.  I made several things, but the one I’m sharing today is Cinnamon Sticky Buns.  Ohhhh, yeah.

It’s a multi-step, and therefore time-consuming, recipe, but worth every moment.

1. Twice-risen dough, please meet cinnamon brown sugar.

2. The sugar looks dark because it’s soaking up the melted butter brushed all over the rolled-out dough.

3. Finally, slices from the rolled-up dough go on top of the caramely topping in a baking dish.  They sleep in the fridge til breakfast.  I’ll try to photograph a baked one before devouring them all, but I make no promises.

I got the recipe here two Christmases ago, when two families pitied our holiday-orphan state and insisted we share a meal with them that day.  We had lunch with one family and dinner with the other, and brought cinnamon rolls to both.  They were a big hit so I’ve been making them ever since.  Today I had no nuts in the house so these are plain ol’ sticky buns.  I think they’ll pass muster.  Something about all that sugar and butter gives me confidence in them.

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  1. so so you friend.


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