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Does anyone else get the feeling that, after all the thanks our culture gave a couple weeks ago, we got gratitude out of our systems and have gone back to wallowing in discontent?  Hubby and I had to run some errands this weekend, and pandemonium reigned in the stores!  While I think it’s great to offer gifts to those you love, I also think I’d rather have loved ones at peacethan bearing a burden of gifts I don’t even need.  When I need reminding of my plenty-and-then-some, all I have to do is glance around.  Here are some of the material blessings in my life.

1. Leisure time (and expendable income) to spend on craft projects like my cheery lampshade.
2. Love shared with a patient, understanding, and goofball-funny husband.  (Those are not his only three prize attributes, but this isn’t Valentine’s Day so I’ll spare you the exhaustive list.)
3. A cozy home. Sometimes I complain, “It’s so cold in here!” and then I remember that some people in my community do not have four walls to call their own.  A home might seem like a right, but in some ways it truly is a luxury.
4. I can easily take for granted my access to clean drinking water, but many others toil just for the water they need for daily basics like cooking.  (Here is a place to donate if you find this issue compelling.)
5. Not only are all my cooking needs met within arm’s reach in my kitchen, but I also have a soft mat underfoot while I stand there preparing or cleaning up.
6. And a dishwasher–so I don’t have to stand there cleaning up at all, unless I choose to.
7. Electricity makes my life a breeze.  How many switches do I flip each day without a second thought?
8. My family has faults–like everyone’s–but it is full of creative, passionate people.
9. I have free and easy access to books that contain ideas from varied times and worldviews.
10. My favorite thrift stores allow me to put together outfits I like at prices I like even more.  (The blue linen shirt, brown sweater, and berry corduroy shirt are fall purchases.)
11. “&” was my idea of a great anti-monogram cake topper, but we couldn’t find one without glitter or an exorbitant shipping cost.  Our alternative was a fresh-flower topper, but when I found this lovely decor piece on sale at Hobby Lobby, I couldn’t resist.  It reminds me of the unity of marriage, and how important it is to face the world as a team.  You and me, baby!
12. One of my favorite soft, warm blankets.
13. A light-up globe, which never fails to fascinate the 5-and-unders who visit.  Of all the continents I could live on, I think I got a pretty good deal.
14. The ability to work with my hands to create little personalizations for my home.  This is a string garland for the tree.  I made it to practice a technique I learned at the flower shop.
15. My purse and all that it contains…cheap glasses and lipgloss are some of my favorite things in this way-bigger-than-necessary bag.
16. Back to the kitchen to express thanks for the full fridge I see every day.
17. Another bright spot in the decor that makes me smile: my forsythia branch.
18. A candle from friends warms our home and spreads a spicy scent that makes it feel very much like the holidays.  Yum!
19. A soft, safe place to sleep.
20. The poster that reminds Hubby of college and yet plays nicely in grown-up decor.  Win-win scenarios are worth appreciating!
21. Another craft project waiting to happen.  33% of it did happen, actually–that was the sweater pillow in yesterday’s post.  The other sweaters are destined to keep their friend company soon.

I have to admit I didn’t realize there were so many photos in this little collage til I started listing them!  Seriously, it took me about five minutes to run around snapping photos of things I’m grateful for in my life.  Imagine how long the list could be if I put forth true effort!  What little things fill your heart with joy?

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  1. I agree! You're not on facebook now, but you might remember the November fad of posting something you're thankful for each day of the month… It's nice (and, yes, this time of year is a good reminder to turn our minds back toward what is most important), but at the same time it drove me a little crazy. Especially when people just stated the obvious — one day, they were thankful for their spouse, the next day they were thankful for their children. Of course you are, but come on! And then once Thanksgiving Day came and went, the thankfulness stopped, just like I knew it would. Be thankful EVERY DAY, people!! Great post 🙂


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