open house

~ Our (New!) Door is Open ~
Main Street #1; Washington, D.C.
Drop in on Saturday, October 1st
between 4 and 7 pm
for chit-chat, cookies, and cocoa. 

Can’t make it? Visit virtually:
Clearly the invitation above underwent alterations to all the specifics…I’m posting this on the internet, so I figure I might as well not be stupid.  But there you go: you’re invited to the little shindig we hosted at the beginning of October.  Come, have a seat.

Even though a bit of over-optimism about my preparation schedule left me “arranging” flowers in about ten minutes, I felt like a million bucks having them in every room.  The coffee table vase held roses, seeded eucalyptus, and hypericum berries.

Another small green vase held strips of paper with typed conversation starters.  I wasn’t sure if they’d be necessary, but someone started reading them and they led to a few rounds of sharing on random topics.  (These prompts were actually the serious questions I wanted my Mr. to answer before we delved into a serious relationship, mixed with totally silly questions to lighten the mood.  These include, “Do unicorns really exist?”  More weighty questions are along the lines of, “What is one question you struggle to resolve? How long has it bothered you?”)

In the kitchen, sunflowers and spray roses played nice with more eucalyptus and berries. The apples were a legitimate part of the refreshments: alongside the cocoa promised on the invitation, we offered “apple spritzer.”  I have to admit it doesn’t have the kick its name suggests.  It was just apple juice, club soda, and apple rounds combined in a pitcher.  I got the idea from a spa we visited.  They had big chilled-water dispensers with rounds of apple and orange floating in them.  The water had just a faint, fresh fruity flavor.  (And then everyone died of abundant alliteration.)

Moving on.  Even the little water closet got some floral adornment.  It smelled seriously lovely.  The “designer” vase/Ford water bottle held salal tips, white stock, and pink larkspur.

Sorry I don’t have party action shots to share.  I’m sort of shy about asking people if I can take their picture, not to mention busy talking and filling cups and enjoying the transition from planning the party to enjoying it.  So just imagine yourself here and have fun!

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  1. Cute! I bet it was fun! 🙂


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