fresh air

Even though October brought some bone-chilling days to remind us we’re victims of the weather, it also bestowed some gorgeous days of melted-butter sun.  One day in particular stood out as too lovely to keep outdoors–I wanted to welcome it in.  I opened all the windows and the balcony door, inviting a crisp, sun-warmed breeze to freshen everything.

I stripped the bedding and let the mattress air out for several hours.  I draped the comforter loosely over the back of the couch for some air flow–I’d have hung it outside but we’d had morning rain.  Dampening the blanket would have been counter-productive.

The only problem I encountered with Operation Air Out the Apartment was that the breeze got a bit brisk at times.  My stiff curtain kept flailing at the objects on my bedside table, making me worry that something might get broken.  So I dug out a ribbon and restrained the flyaway drapery.  Then I decided I liked it, so it’s still wearing its brown satin belt.

What’s your stance on opening windows?  Do you take all the fresh air you can get, or limit your exposure to outside air when the temperature drops?  We often open a window just a smidge even in the winter–not all day, and not when snow is blowing, but now and then.  How about you?  If things start feeling stuffy, how do you fight back?  (Or do you like that cooped-up, hibernation feeling?)

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  1. Having open windows with cool, crisp air blowing in is one of my favorite things in the world!!


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