jewel box/water closet

As promised, here is the story of Girl vs. Towel Rod.  There is a surprise ending.  But first things first.

Well, more like second things first.  I got in a rush and forgot to photograph the towel rod before I started dismantling it.  But I trust you all know what a towel rod looks like.  Here’s one end after the main arm was already removed:

That end pictured above didn’t want to be disassembled any further. I tried and tried.  No such luck.  So I moved to the other side.  Under the wall brace I found this little thing, affixed with three screws.

And what screws they were!  I have long fingers and these screws were two-thirds as long.  I guess I missed my chance to hang a completely saturated towel on the Indestructible Rod.  Seriously, it looks like whoever installed this thought there was a possibility that a future tenant might use the bar for chin-ups.

After many attempts, the right brace still refused to budge, so I started to think outside my original plan.  I decided to bring in some necklaces from the bedroom and see how they’d look hanging there.

Just fine.  Then I decided to use the empty arm of the hand towel holder for bangles.  Just to make the whole jewelry-hung-in-the-bathroom thing look intentional.

Finally, I hung the bunnies-and-duckling art that proved so lovable in our previous apartment. The illustrations are from Anita Jeram’s book All Together Now.

Here’s a glimpse of the rest of the room.  You could probably touch any of the walls from any place in the room.  Well, you couldn’t touch the door from the shower.  But otherwise.  My point is, it’s small!

That’s why I’m trying to keep it streamlined.  No candles, decorative dishes, or other non-essentials here.  I tried those things early on and decided they were a hassle.  I might temporarily borrow a candle from another room if it’s–ahem–necessary.  But I don’t give it permanent counter space.

So there you have it: our jewel-box bathroom all dolled up.

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