apologies (too late and in advance)

I just want to let you all know I’m sorry I’ve been mucking around with the layout so much lately.  Well, not sorry I’ve been mucking around, but sorry if my doing so is causing you any heartache.  I don’t think any of you are the unable-to-cope-with-change sort, but in case you’re tired of things looking different every single time…let me give a brief explanation.  Here is my “new” workspace:

I’m preempting a reveal I plan to cover later in more detail.  This is for perspective.  But I have another shot that might clarify my situation even better:

Yes; it’s come to that.  I’m not ashamed to admit it when I don’t know something.  My frustration mounted after I applied the awesome Dynamic View I mentioned in my “hello, it’s me again” post.  Suddenly I couldn’t access my Page Elements for editing.  Without going into exhaustive detail, I’ll just say I’m looking for a prime way to present my content–something eye-catching but not overwhelming.
So while I try to strike a balance between all-white backgrounds and chevron wallpapers, please be patient with me and rest assured that I will eventually make up my mind.  I’ll quit rearranging things.  For a while.
In the meantime, feel free to give feedback on things you like and don’t like as a reader.  Every bit of outside perspective helps!
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  1. seriously, i quite LOVE redesigning the blog. it's fun. let me know if i can help with anything. . .not that i'm an expert or anything. :)xoxo


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