black magic

Kid you not, Black Magic is the name of this rose variety.  Can you see why?  Ah, so gorgeous!

These were used in arrangements for an October wedding that simply brimmed with roses.  I’m not sure under what circumstances the flowers made it back to the shop, exactly–I think the bride may have just left the arrangements at the church and we got all the flowers back when we picked up our still-full vases.  Things like that happen.  Anyway, for another week or so, absolute heaps of these beauties sat on display in the shop–not for sale, just for looks.

I was the one who dismantled the arrangements when the flowers had finally breathed their last, and in one vase there were 71 stems!  I mean, holy smokes, this bride must have been made out of money.  It was an impressive mass.  There were actually two varieties of roses–the Black Magic and a more classic red called Freedom.  I’m one of the lucky gals who got to enjoy some extras at home.  (There were plenty to go around!)

I enjoyed waking to the sight of these little sweeties.  I alternated Black Magics and Freedoms around the “vase” (an old salsa jar).  Can’t accuse me of living beyond my means!

Here’s a closer look…the flowers are showing their age a bit, but I think they’re still positively lovely.

On hubby’s side of the bed I tried to keep things sparse.  I guess I’d be kidding myself if I thought this look was manly, but to me it somehow seemed more appropriate than the crisscrossing stems and full top of the vase on my side.

We enjoyed the simple beauty of these roses for several days.  What little pleasures do you enjoy around your home?  Do you like ephemeral things like cut flowers, or do you prefer your luxuries more permanent?

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  1. With the cooler temps the marigolds have taken on a burnt orange edging and the leaves are highlighted maroon, so pretty in "the world laughs in flowers" little vase your dad gave me years ago!


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