fall has fell

I think it’s a universal childhood phenomenon that the more a rhyme flirts with naughtiness, the more kids like it.  Remember “Miss Susie had a steamboat…?”  Or, one of my old favorites:

Spring has sprung.
Fall has fell.
It’s winter now
And it’s colder than usual.

In case you don’t think that’s funny, let me confess that I’ve analyzed my sense of humor and decided that whether or not I enjoy a joke depends about 80% on surprise–not to be confused with shock-value–and 20% on delivery. Usually if I can anticipate the punchline I won’t laugh, but there are exceptions for standout delivery.  (For an example of well-delivered surprises, check out this video that almost made my husband choke on his soda.)

It may seem that I’m way off topic, but I promise this is heading somewhere.  Or it was, a couple remarks ago.  Let’s back up to the rhyme…yes, fall has fell indeed.  It’s not yet colder than usual, but of course that’s coming.  The change in weather prompted me to return to this pile of stuff, which you may remember from the Hobby Lobby post, and grab up the wreath.

I also retrieved the faux autumn leaves that have been waiting in the closet since their last engagement.  I plunked everything on the table…

…thought about it…and decided, when in doubt, sort!  So I divided the leaves into three piles: yellow, orange, and mixed.  I’m not sure the sorting accomplished much, but it had nearly the same effect as writing a line of nonsense across the top of a blank essay page when you have writer’s block.

Surveying my richly-hued leaf piles, I decided the best way to start was just to start.  I didn’t really have a plan.  I threaded the “stems” of the leaves into the twisty grapevine, trying to follow the curves but not being too precise.

Then, to add a bit of variety, I used twist ties to secure a few gold ornaments to the wreath.  I figured if I kept the tones all warm it wouldn’t list too far to the Christmasy side.  Maybe?  There are a couple blank spots that I think could use seed pods or something for yet another mode of texture, but overall I’m pretty happy with it.

Hubby and I have been brainstorming ways to hang it on the front door without making any nail holes.  I know there are such things as wreath hangers, but our door fits so snugly I’m not sure I could pass anything across the top and still get it to close, so for right now this cheery guy is hanging on a knob of the furnace closet doors.  Maybe by the time all the real leaves fall I’ll have figured out how to get the wreath hung front-and-center.  We shall see.

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  1. I like it! Fall is probably one of my favorite things to decorate for. I love the warm colors.I have a wreath hanging on the front door of our house using one of those big 3M hangers. It was already there when we moved in, but it works! Even if that leaves behind a sticky residue when you take it off, that is usually fairly easy to get off with some kind of sticky remover. 🙂


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