atmospheric pressure

First the atmospheric part: think about your home.  Now throw out all the negative thoughts…you know, the piles of clutter that stand out to you (but that guests never notice), the chores you cycle through endlessly to keep things looking livable, the projects you can’t quite get completed.  When you focus on just the things you love about home, what are they?

I sum them up as “atmospheric,” in other words, intangible qualities that embrace you in your space and make it not just a dwelling but a sanctuary.  For me lots of little things contribute to the cozy feeling of home.  Here are my top three:

1. The scent and warmth of burning candles, and sometimes incense.

I’ve started a ritual of lighting candles and stretching before bed.  Those few moments distance me from the day and allow me to really enjoy my bedroom instead of just coming into it, crashing, and stumbling out again a few hours later.

2. I treasure the art and photos my loved ones have given my husband and me.  I enjoy looking around a room and revisiting the memories and emotions associated with each piece.  Here’s a painting from my sister-in-love.

And you’ve already seen these dolls from my sister, but they’re one of my favorites too:

3. And it wouldn’t be home to me without the scent of baked goods, whether wholesome bread or sinful sweets.

Okay, you knew the “pressure” part was coming, right?  It’s your turn!  What makes a place home to you?

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  1. definitely agree with the candles bit.and ridding yourself of clutter.i also love having photos around of family/us.makes it feel homey.


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