not at rest

Here are some “befores” to precede the big reveal of one of my Labor Day projects.  I refused to take Newton, of First Law fame, as prophetic regarding this space:

When I took these photos last week, it truly seemed that objects at rest weren’t going anywhere…please consider as Exhibit A the tissue box randomly plunked on the bed.  In my defense, I didn’t notice the blue box against the blue pillow case until I put the photo on the computer. Speaking of things I didn’t notice until the photo was on the computer, the odd reflection on the window in the photo below=a stuff-covered chair that I chose not to photograph.  My messes catch up with me anyway, apparently….

The brown curtain that appears in the first photo is still there; we just decided to put the white drapes over it for a look that didn’t come across quite so harsh.  My current line of thinking for this room–aside from “Hey, Self!  Be the force that overcomes inertia in here!”–is that I’ll go for a muted, naturey look.  I wasn’t crazy about the old brown-and-blue, so this time I’m thinking lots of creamy white with some blue and green.

The poor hen and chicks that I’ve repotted about three times since the move has relocated to the bedside shelf.  For now.  I’m waiting to see if it ails from lack of sunlight.  The fake grass it replaced was driving me a bit crazy.  When it was new and stiff it looked just fine, but as it relaxed it spread wider and wider until its span has made it too big for any space where I might use it.  I’m going to think on that one.

As of this “before” session, recent moves in the right direction included a plain candle in a Kerr jar and a stack of soft-colored books that make the alarm clock visible from the far side of the bed:

Something about this candle-and-jar’s simple look makes me happy.  Light in a jar makes me think of summer and fireflies, which makes me think of camping and marshmallows stuck, all gooey and golden, to a slightly burnt stick.  Happiness in one of its many forms.

Unfortunately, after the top of the shelf things remained in a state of disharmony:

The phrase “miles to go before I sleep” was seeming apt when it came to this room.  But with help from my long-time friend and beautification buddy Shelli, I worked at tying together the disparate elements to create a sanctuary.  Even if we didn’t conquer inertia, we crafted a room where everything that’s at rest is at least resting in the place where it looks nicest.  Get ready for some “afters” tomorrow!

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