all the small things

To diverge completely from this week’s theme, let me offer you an invitation into the bathroom.  No toilet photos, though, I promise.  (Ours is no notable 70s throwback in a olive green or putrid pink or anything exciting like that, so we’ll just pretend that it’s not even there.)

Let’s focus on the vanity…I hope you won’t consider me vain if I say I think it’s kind of cute:

Everything here, except the rose in a Chinese tea cup, was present in the bathroom at our last place.  It’s just that here, everything sits much closer together!  Forget the expanse of counter I used to have no clue what to do with; now I barely have room for the essentials so that’s all I kept.  Let’s get a little closer.

Here’s a small yellow ceramic dish–made by my husband, just like the vase I showed you last week–that holds corks, a shell, and the lipstick that looks terrible on my face but just right on the mirror.  Every now and then I like to write a lovey or inspirational  note up on the glass.

Here’s the view across the rocky sink to the other side…so…far…away.  Just kidding.

Usually the only inhabitants of this far shore are the soap (a yummy L’Occitane Ylang Ylang scent, a gift from my aunt) and a small hand lotion, which is hiding behind the flower for now.  A little farther back we keep our toothbrushes and paste on a rock-lined brass tray.  Lecture me all you want about sanitation; my immune system needs a challenge sometimes.  Plus keeping brushes hidden in a dark cabinet scares me more.

Here’s how it all lives together:

Sorry; I promised no toilet but it kind of slipped in there at the side.  Ignore that for now.  You can see all the decorative yellow and green tinies that lend the bathroom its color scheme for the time being.  The mirror is even reflecting the top edges of our green bath towels hanging on the opposite wall.
I want to get out my adorable bunnies-and-duckling art again, but I haven’t decided quite how I want to display them.  Should I even try to use all of them this time?  There’s no room for the two rows of three I had in the old place, so I’m still pondering.  We shall see….
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