shoestring decorating budget?

I do like to see how frugal I can be while adding personalization and style to my home, but what you see below is not my idea of an acceptable cheap solution.

No, it’s just the result of having nowhere to keep the rotating spice rack and the in-cupboard spice shelf that inhabited my old kitchen.  The former took up precious counter space while the latter wouldn’t fit in the cupboard.  So Plan B….

Except that this wasn’t reallyPlan B, just a stopover on the way.  I had a couple shoe boxes I didn’t need because I finally got rid of enough shoes that all the keepers fit in my over-door shoe organizer.  The empty boxes were pressed into service as spice holders for a few weeks, until I found these little bins to substitute.

The eventual plan is to enclose the sides and front of this rack with a movable curtain that provides a less cluttered view from the dining room.  The back, facing the kitchen, will remain open for ease of access.  The shelf height is even with the counter, so sliding these bins in and out like drawers works just fine.  Much better than trying to haul out a flimsy cardboard box!

The new bins are small versions of the bin holding my cookbooks, so there’s some cohesion going on in this room now.  I want to move toward a blue/green/khaki scheme in here…but all in good time.

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  1. I vote you build shelves for the spices above the sink. The bottles are light, so it doesn't need to hold much weight and easily accessed, easily identified spices are a wonderful thing.

  2. You know, a shelf over the sink would be really handy. I think eventually I will get a cordless drill so I can fearlessly tackle more nitty-gritty DIY projects! I'd love to make a freestanding shelf that stands on the counter and straddles the sink.Of course for now (you know me) I have the spices in alphabetical order, so the all-the-same jars are still semi-navigable.


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