quick change

I figure I might as well be honest with you: my apartment is rarely as well-groomed as it is in its photographs (or when you come to visit).  So consider this a step toward personal myth-busting: I am not as hypertidy as you think I am.

I’ve just got you all hoodwinked by my quick-change skills.  Within twenty seconds I can change a workstation like what you see above into a serene scene like what you see below.

This is actually a bit too serene for me, but I’m not sure yet which direction I want to go when I decorate the dining area.  At this point I’m leaning toward black and white, a simple transition between the living room and the kitchen, which are two rooms where I’d like to implement pretty bold color schemes.  The dining room should probably serve as a breather between them, I’m thinking.

So, at least for now, everything is uber simple.  The hydrangea on the table is a flower shop reject–an old soul that can no longer be sold.  I’m not positive, but my co-workers estimate its age between one and two weeks.  So for those of you who may have had bad past experiences with hydrangea survival, let me tell you what my boss told me today: if you give hydrangeas’ stems a fresh cut every couple days, you can keep them looking this good for weeks.  She told me customers have returned “bad” hydrangeas (lying and saying, “Yes, of course I cut it again”) and that after the disappointed customers leave, she cuts the flower, puts it in water, and watches it almost instantly revive.  I’m going to see how much mileage I can get out of this one.

I think it’s just gorgeous.  The vase, if I can take a moment to brag, is handmade by my husband.  He is a man of many talents.

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