scent from below

I’ve noticed a common theme in the apartments where we’ve lived so far: they smell funny.  Whether it’s accumulated scents of several families’ cooking, unventilated paint touch-ups, or something else altogether I don’t know for sure.  Do I want to know?  Doubt it.
I just want to move forward.  Bake my own bread and cookies, light my own candles, air-dry my own laundry draped over doors and curtain rods (yes, I do this) and make the place mine.  But recently on Young House Love I saw a potentially sweet-smelling idea I wanted to try.  Here’s the link to John & Sherry’s project.
It requires only a few items, some of which you may already have lying aimlessly about.
We already had the bottle, leftover from a bout of homemade vanilla making.  (I recommend that!)  I bought the kabobs for $1 and the scent oil for $2.  If this works, I’ll probably spring for a real essential oil next time, but this is the tester.
First I plopped some sticks in the bottle to see how I liked the look, and I quickly realized I was going to want to follow YHL’s advice to snip them shorter with wire cutters.
Doesn’t the long version look kind of evil and spearish?  (Especially with the flash-induced shadows in the backgound; I haven’t figured out what it is yet but my camera has a hard time focusing even with full light in the kitchen/dining area, so I have to use the flash.)
Anyway, this “project” is incredibly simple and self-explanatory, so I won’t belabor the details.  Here’s the finished product:
It only remains to see how things smell tomorrow.  A noticeable difference or an insignificant wisp of scent?  We shall see….
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  1. What's the verdict?

  2. It's getting mixed reviews right now. Sometimes I can faintly smell the oil, but usually: nothing. I've flipped the sticks several times, but one online tip I read after making this said bamboo (what I used) is non-porous and won't wick the oil up, so you should use "real reeds," whatever those are.


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