side tables

My coffee table got a post all to itself but my side tables, being lesser players, are going to have to share.  This table is one of my favorite thrift store finds ever.  It perfectly filled the niche I was looking to fill.  Oh yeah, and it cost $2.

It’s lightweight, which is why the train spring lives on the very sturdy coffee table instead of on this one.  But this one can stand up to some books and a few pretties.  I was thinking of looking for some cool balls to put in the silver dish, but since I try to “shop” my own stuff before buying anything new, I settled for Christmas ornaments that fit the room’s color scheme.  It’s a little odd seeing Christmas ornaments in the summer, but then again, why not enjoy their ritzy glitter outside the holiday season?
On the other side of the room things look a little more summery.  The moss that I first tried out on the coffee table migrated to this surface at the end of the couch.  It’s not actually a table, but a hope chest that currently holds toys for my younger guests.  (It’s held lots of different things during its tenure.)
For now, though, just some moss, a green bud vase, and a photo-booth picture from hubby’s company holiday party.  Would it surprise you to learn that I want to recover the round tray?  Check out this inspiring project!  Oh, my, my, Jeffery Rudell can make a cheap thing lovely.  I want to play his game.  Of course, I don’t have a stash of expensive paper.  But when I meet a paper I like enough, it’s covering up that red and black and getting a layer of waterproofing to make it last.
So far that’s it for side tables.  A little summer, a little Christmas, and some more casual off-center arrangements to keep things looking spontaneous–although I assure you they were not.
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