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There’s probably no better barometer for Stuff Accumulation than a move.  The thought of transporting goods from one place to another calls their significance into question and, at least in our case, landed a number of them in the sell-or-give-away pile.

Our new place is 50 sq ft smaller than our previous one.  I’m convinced the extra space was all storage!  We have more closets here but they’re smaller–especially the bedroom one.  We were spoiled in our last place with a serious walk-in closet.  It had a high shelf and a rod on each side and let me tell you, we maxed out that puppy.  Granted, it was also the only place we could store bedding and winter gear since our hall closet lacked a rod and its only shelf sat pretty close to the ceiling, leaving no room for the storage bins where I keep folded sheets & blankets.

So, walk-in it’s not, but I finally conquered the bedroom closet.  I’m used to all my clothes and accessories being in certain locations in relation to one another.  I wanted to maintain that as much as possible, but I had to be a bit flexible.

Here’s the overall view.  Basically it turned out with clothes on the top and accessories on the bottom.

Jewelry lives in several places–a bowl on the floor (headbands mixed in), a plastic hanger that came with a scarf I bought last year, and an actual jewelry box you can see in the previous photo (on the drawers, under the hanging shirts).

Belts used to hang by their buckles from the neck of a hanger (if that’s the right hanger-anatomy term) but in this smaller closet with everything pretty much touching, there wasn’t room for me to see them.  So I rolled them up where I can see them.

It may be hard to believe but I got rid of a lot of stuff in preparation for fitting within the bounds of this new closet.  Yet even as I worked to organize it I had to make a few more “toss” decisions.  Truth be told, I probably won’t miss any of the stuff I’m parting with.  I need to simplify even beyond my current notion of simplification.  Obviously that notion still encompasses more than enough!

Want to see the side of the closet of someone who understands simplicity really well (at least as it pertains to clothing)?  Here you go:

Oh, and those are my skirts and stacked-up T shirts sneaking past the halfway point.  Seriously.  Doesn’t my better half make streamlining look easy?

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