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Sadly, our bedroom has been the most-neglected room in our apartment.  I think it’s because guests don’t see it that I feel less motivated to cute it up.  But after about a year of sparse, mismatchy, afterthought “decorating” I decided to be serious.  First my husband and I had to agree on a bedspread.  That was no simple process but I won’t go into it here.  Eventually we settled on something we both felt we could live with.  Then the fun began.
I’ve never been a huge fan of the blue-and-brown trend but using things we already owned I could pull that look together in our room, so I went for it.  The folded blanket at the foot of the bed is a duvet cover made from two sheets sewn together with buttons across the top.  It used to have a fluffy bedspread inside, but it’s quite heavy even without an inhabitant, so for now it’s empty.

The curtain at the head of the bed wasn’t originally part of the plan.  When I discovered, among my many hand-me-down odds and ends, this gigantic white sheer with no rod pocket, I wondered what on earth I was going to do with it.  Apparently I figured it would be useful someday because I didn’t just toss it in the thrift store pile.  Good thing.

It’s fun to lie back at night feeling like royalty, ensconced in sky-high ethereal drapery.  Even my husband likes it.  Or I should say liked it; in our new place we haven’t re-polished our room.  In fact right now it looks like this:

We have a ways to go in here…again.  But this time it will be a higher priority.  We’re thinking of hanging the curtain more like a canopy this time; stay tuned!

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