new job

As if moving weren’t change enough, recently I began to search for a new job as well.  And guess what?  I found one!  I’m not sure what my title is–or if I even have one–but basically I’m a shop girl for a local florist.  For now I’m training as time allows; my official start comes in a couple weeks.
The first night I tied ribbon to boutonnieres and gave a fresh cut to thirsty flowers in the cooler.  But the second visit things got real–they let me create!  Here’s my first-ever:
These were centerpieces for a restaurant.  I had fun following the boss’ “recipe” and watching these come together.  She told me how many of each type of plant to include and–no surprise, really–it worked wonderfully.  I had to move things around a bit because not everything balanced on the first attempt, but with a few pointers about how loose/tight/drapey/short to make things, voila! Later on they let me loose with another small arrangement of red roses.But you should see what the long-term designers create.  Oh me, oh my!  Check out this bridal bouquet:

The color combo and crazy threads of curly willow make me grin.  (Really.  Every time I saw this I smiled.)  I hope the bride who held it in her hands during her wedding felt the same.
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