new white walls

Forgive me for giving you nothing on Friday.  I had good intentions but as we all know those don’t always suffice.  Would you like to hear my excuse now?
We moved!  Did you think I was crazy-productive, typing a post a day while I packed and unpacked boxes?  No such thing.  The weekend before our move I typed up half a dozen posts, saving them as drafts and publishing one each day.  Nice bluff, huh?
The problem was that the last post I wrote needed a photo or two but in the bustle I never added any.  And now, amid the chaos that is a just-moved-into apartment, the objects I would like to photograph just aren’t looking their best.  Would you like to see how things are looking?  Brace yourself.
I took these “before” photos so that my “afters” will make me feel like a superhero.  Here’s the view from the front door:
Have you yelped, “YIKES!” yet?  Every time I walk in here my highly-organized side cringes and my tired-of-carrying-boxes-upstairs-in-100-degree-weather side supplies reasons to postpone tidying up.
My short-term goal is to clear the clutter.  Next I plan to start putting things where they belong–books on bookshelves and so forth.  I’ll avoid hanging any art until I’m sure I like the furniture placement, although there’s a good chance I’ll rearrange the furniture in under six months because that’s what I do, as you are well aware if you’ve been to my apartment more than once.
Moving on from the living room, you pass through the dining area to reach the kitchen.  Pretty soon I hope to have a few functional storage solutions in play so I can get that nonsense off the counter.  It’s been a challenge because the cupboards around my stove here are not as large or conveniently-spaced as those in our last place.  I’ll post updates when I find ways to counteract the craziness!

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