shady exchange

Ever bought a lamp in a box only to realize after a while that it kind of looks like a lamp that came in a box (read: cheap)?  Yeah, me too.  I finally bid farewell to a lamp that I thought had blared its dorm-room vibe across my grown-up apartment long enough.  Even with all-white shades, instead of the primary-colored alternatives that came in the box, it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore:

By the way this is an old photo.  The blue painting I never liked anyway has been fingerpainted over by children.  The fern in the chair has moved outside.  The couch has more pillow-friends.  And so on.
The point is, when I upgraded to this lamp, I thought it seemed much more appropriate for an adult space.
After a while, though, I was ready for another change.  (And ready to stop dusting a bell-shaped white shade, which seems optimally designed both to catch and display dust.)  So I made a shady exchange….

Feels much more modern to me.  Not to mention it’s blissfully less white.  The only problem is that it’s not quite the same off-white shade as my couch, so in the near future I think the shade might need a new outfit.  Maybe a bold graphic pattern.  What do you think?

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