the launch

We could trace this all back to my love of  That’s where I got the idea to organize my bookshelf ROYGBIV, instead of Dewey or otherwise.  (The article that inspired me was Tanya’s Romantic Color Infusion, found here).   
While I crave the color and efficiency of Tanya’s space, I’m still in progress toward those goals.   I see my apartment as a series of open-ended projects, but even as I fixate on what’s left to do, my friend Shellie gravitates toward the odds and ends I manage to complete.  In fact, last week she insisted that I make yet another project of documenting the small steps I take toward my overarching goal, so I submit this blog in obedience.  (Kidding, Shellie, kidding.)

Let’s start with moss.

One day while watering plants on the balcony, I noticed some lovely moss growing on the exterior wall.  Maybe what I’m about to tell you indicates a disorder of some kind, but I didn’t see anything weird about whipping out a kitchen spatula and scraping that gorgeous stuff off the wall.  And planting it in containers I had sitting around.  For decoration, you know.  Because moss is pretty and velvety and reminds me of a Zen garden, though I’m not sure why.  Maybe that’s more an effect of the rocks I used to weigh down the moss while it sent its little filaments down to grip their new surface.  I dunno. 

But I like it.
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